Querijn Heijmans

Game Programmer

Hey there! I am Querijn Heijmans (pronounced as Coo' Rain Highmans), a 23 year-old 3D Programming student from Breda. I code games and websites, currently doing my third year of International Game Architecture and Design, at the University NHTV. Here I learn all about the programming side of AAA games, mainly coding in C++ and C#.

I enjoy making servers, shaders, do reverse engineering, make procedural content algorithms and effects! I also enjoy playing video-games (League of Legends, Skyrim, Fallout 3, X-COM), listening music (Florence and the Machine, Athlete, Death Cab for Cutie, Band of Skulls), going to festivals and concerts, and play baseball and basketball.


I don't believe in showing my value with stars or progress bars, so I'll tell you exactly what I know.


A requirement to code in at IGAD for every class. I know this language very well. I code consistent, clean, and according to a standard taught to me by teachers who were coders from the game industry.


A language I primarily use for Unity. I have recently picked up personal projects which use this language. It's not as good as my C++ is, but I know my way around it.


I have worked with DirectX 11 in C++. I know how to create an efficient DirectX-powered application from scratch.


I have worked with OpenGL 3.3 (using GLFW) in C++. Alike DirectX, I know this framework, including GLSL, very well.


I have made a lot of projects with Unity 4.0 and C#. An engine I am very comfortable with, including the shader languages.

In detail..

I have experience doing:

SIMD, C++-focussed Optimisations, x86 Assembly, Software Rasterising, Software Raytracing, Lexical Analysing, RegEx, GPU Programming, Lua, Playstation development, Android Development (Java), Cross-platform development, 3D Audio Mixing, Physics Engine development, Basic Modeling, Procedural Content Generation, Forward/Deferred rendering, GPU Skinning, Post-process effects, shadow mapping, normal mapping, specular mapping, various lighting techniques, various AI architecture techniques, various pathfinding techniques.

Work experience

PHP/Magento Developer
Webelephant, 2013-2014

I have worked in a developer team, creating Web Applications, plugins, and themes for Magento and Wordpress. I have also worked on an automatic system to remotely advertise on a Dutch auction site.



A game in C++ made for the Dutch Tax Service, made in the early days of my game development education. You manage a small city on an island and are required to distribute taxes the way you see fit.

Maplestory Server Emulator

I worked on a small fork of a private server emulator in C++ for the game Maplestory. I stopped working on this after a series of cease and desists to other developers. Various plugins and PHP CMS's was what I mainly worked on.

League of Legends Server Emulator

I worked on Elyotna's IntWars, a C++ server emulator for League of Legends. After that project was dead due to new encryption methods implemented, I moved to work on private code, in C#. This one was able to beat the new encryption.

King of the Beach

A game made in 48 hours, in C# and Unity 4.0. A bullet hell game played with two players, controlling two character each, mirrored on the other side of the field.

This game was made for Brain's Eden 2014, together with another programmer, where it received 1st price.


A game made in 48 hours, in C# and Unity 4.0. A Virtual Reality horror game in which you are a disturbed patient.

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2014, and was made with 4 artists and 2 programmers.

Trials of the Blood God

Another game made in 48 hours, in C# and Unity 4.0. A multiplayer race-game with one player being a gamemaster.

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2015, and was made with 3 artists, 1 designer and 2 programmers.

I am always open for contact. Send me a message!
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In the future this will be a full WebGL site. But as I had to do this within 3 days for a portfolio request, here's a regular page.

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