Querijn Heijmans

Game Developer

A programmer with a passion for rendering, game development and an interest in security. Graduated 3D Programmer (Game Architecture and Design (IGAD), Breda University)

Work experience

This is where I have worked as a programmer.

System Developer
at Nixxes, in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2018 - present (Current occupation)
Creating systems and tools for the engine powering Marvel's Avengers, to improve the workflow for designers and artists.
Game/Tools Developer
at CoolGames, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2017-2018
Worked with Javascript, PixiJS and a custom framework. Worked on a C# builder that compiled the javascript. Worked on a Typescript framework for future projects.
Game Developer Intern
at Exient, in Leamington Spa, England, 2016-2017
Worked in a custom engine with C++ on Angry Birds Go!, and in Unity and C# for an unannounced project.
Game Developer
at Stitch Heads (Formerly Tivaru), in Breda, The Netherlands, 2016
Worked in Unreal Engine with C++ and Blueprints for Kabounce. Mainly focussed on Steam integration and network optimisation.
PHP/Magento Developer
at WebElephant, in Breda, The Netherlands, 2013-2014
I have created Web Applications, plugins, and themes for Magento and Wordpress. I have also worked on an automatic system to remotely advertise on a Dutch auction site.

What others say

Less about my experience, more about who I am.

“Querijn has and continues to be an invaluable resource to the Riot Games API Developer community. Over the years we've come across a handful of trustworthy, knowledgable, and approachable individuals which we've felt compelled to publicly acknowledge as API Gurus. His friendly demeanor, eagerness to help, and tireless efforts continue to reenforce the original decision to make him an API Guru.”David Chow, Senior Developer Relations Specialist at Riot Games

“Querijn fitted in with us straight away, with a great attitude and a friendly manner. He was mature and motivated in his approach, and worked effectively on several different teams and projects.”Tim Page, Tech Lead at Exient

“Querijn has managed to find his place within CoolGames. Since his start last year, he has proven to be a valued member of the Game Development Team. He has shown agility when working on multiple projects. But it was his initial involvement in the game Battleship that cemented him as valued member of our team.”Dee Patel, Producer at CoolGames

Work projects

Projects that I have worked on as a game developer in professional environments.

Marvel's Avengers
A multiplatform AAA game where I have worked mostly on override systems, analytics during development-time and tools to support other developers.
A multiplayer game in Javascript for the Facebook Messenger app. Worked on bringing the game live, and implementing most of the Spine animations and designs.
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Angry Birds Go!
A game in C++ with a custom engine made by Exient. Worked in this game keeping the game up to date, focussing on retention, increasing player spending and sunsetting the game.
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A multiplayer pinball king of the hill game. Made in Unreal Engine, with C++ and Blueprints. My main objective was to integrate Steam's functionality with this game, such as the party and matchmaking system.
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A game in C++ made for the Dutch Tax Service, made in the early days of my game development education. You manage a small city on an island and are required to distribute taxes the way you see fit..

Personal projects

Projects that I have worked on that I am personally proud of.

League Model
A model viewer aimed at displaying original League of Legends characters on the web, using C++ and Emscripten.
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League of Legends Server Emulator
I worked on Elyotna's IntWars, an open-source C++ server emulator for League of Legends. After that project was dead due to new encryption methods implemented, I moved to work on private code, in C#. This one was able to beat the new network encryption.
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A C++ wrapper for the Riot Games REST API. Uses MingWei's Swagger definitions to automatically generate the structs and methods used, and then converts them to rate-limited, cached (asynchronous) methods.